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£10 Internet Dongle From O2

April 19th, 2014

O2 are on the market to get your dongle business and they’re offering it at £10 just like Orange.  You will probably remember the review of Orange a few days ago, if not you can always go back and read it now if you want.  Let’s see how the two of them compare…

Considering that they are the same price there are quite a number of differences between these two dongle deals.  They are both offering their £10 dongle deal on an 18 month contract, which sadly comes nowhere near the top guys who are offering much better packages on a 12 month contract for only a fiver more, but if you want a regular cheap connection then Orange or O2 would be the ones you’d look at.

However, for a budget connection at the same price as Orange’s dongle deal, O2 slips far from the mark unfortunately.  They let themselves down considerably on their speed.  Their dongle deal speed is only up to 3.6mb.  Now some of you out there might be saying “well that’s not bad if you only want to surf the internet on the way to work or something”  and you would be right; but why pay £10 for 3.6mb when you can get 7.4mb for the same price from Orange?

It isn’t as if O2 even make up for it with a greater download allowance (that let Orange down), because this is just the same as Orange!  Get it together O2 and look at your competition, that’s what i say!

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