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3 Mobile Broadband Plus

August 13th, 2010

When you go for the 3 Mobile dongle deals you can get a pretty good offer if you look carefully they are everywhere with all sorts of offers take a close look and I’m sure you will find one that suits your every need.  This is what we found when we looked at the 3 Mobile Broadband Plus dongle deal on the internet at the moment.  I think it might be an internet exclusive so you might want to hurry with this one if you like it…

3 Mobile Broadband Plus have various levels and you can have a choice of dongle to use.  We’re looking at the monthly pay plans because they appear to be the most popular ones at the moment.

  • £4.99 upfront cost for your dongle.
  • 1 Month contract
  • £15 a month gets you the following features
  • 5GB of allowance
  • Mobile internet access at broadband speeds!

This is a pretty new dongle and it’s sleek and sexy in design and really ready to offer you all you need.  You can get the monthly plans with more usage if you want, there’s one at 15GB but that comes with an 18 month contract and will cost you £20 a month.  Not too bad I know if you’re a seriously hardened online gamer.  The same applies if you only go on once in a while, you can get internet access via one of these dongles for as low as £7.50 a month, but this too will come with an 18 month contract.

We featured the 1 month contract dongle because we figured that it would be the most popular one on the market! There are however a lot more deals on the market some of the contract ones in particular may suit you better pay close attention to the deals there may be freebies that come along with it there are all sorts deals being offered with free laptops and x box consoles to say the least.

3 Mobile Broadband Plus Providers

3 Moblie are a well established network provider they have been around for a long while and were one of the first on the market to concentrate on video calling when video cameras first made appearances so they are a reliable network provider to choose do find out however how good the coverage from them in your area is because it would be disappointing after all to get one of these devices and then find out its performance is quite poor.

If 3 mobile are your preferred network provider and they provide good coverage in your area then look no further the comparison tables on this site are going to be your bible for finding the best deal for you, you can compare a range of factors dependant on download speeds and allowances check thoroughly to make sure you find the deal that best suits your needs the bullet points above are only one list of many good points for one deal don’t forget also if you already have a contract or pay as you go mobile phone there may be an advantage to the deal you are looking for.


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