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3 Mobile Laptop Dongle Deal Number Two

I told you about the first dongle deal from 3 Mobile a couple of days ago, and how you could get an excellent free laptop package from them for a pretty reasonable price on a two year contract.  Laptop deals are all over the place these days, and perhaps that’s why 3 Mobile decided to offer two levels of dongle deal free laptops, in order to get all the business…

Their second great dongle deal with a free laptop is as follows:

  • This is exactly the same as the last laptop deal i wrote about, and the laptop is still the Dell Mini 2012, complete with windows 7 and all the trimmings (you can see all the spec on this laptop in the previous blog post)
  • What’s different is the price.  This deal is £25 a month.
  • Contract Length of 24 months
  • Speeds of 7.2Mb
  • Free internet dongle with your purchase
  • This is where the difference comes in with this free laptop deal.  With this one your usage allowance goes up to 5GB a month rather than 1GB with the first dongle deal.

It remains with the individual customer whether or not they need that extra 4 GB of usage allowance, and if they do then i suppose that the extra money is worth it.  Although i would be rather inclined to find out just how much usage i did use each month before i signed up for this deal; some providers can penalise you quite severely for exceeding your allowance.

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