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Bad Dongle Connection Area

March 31st, 2010

This is a post about some troublesome areas of connectivity.  You should read this before considering various dongle broadband connection packages that advertise broadband speeds that are very high, you may not be able to get these speeds…

There are several factors to consider when identifying bad areas for mobile broadband, and most of these are pretty much the same as if you were to have a connection with wires at home.  Still in many rural areas the connection remains bad, and it doesn’t look like the mobile phone companies are going to do much about it.  You’d think in this day and age of communications you’d be pretty much able to take your mobile internet device anywhere in the country with your dongle and be able to get online at the same speed as you would in a wi-fi cafe or something like that.

Again with broadband, it also makes no difference whatsoever if you’re wireless or not when it comes to losing speed in the evening.  When half the world is online you will always struggle to get online, and if you can get online it will almost always be slow to repsond.  This is not your dongle, it’s merely the time of day.

But do be aware that when you buy an internet dongle you will not necessarily open a magic world of fast, reliable internet connections, you may be just as bad if not worse!

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