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Battle of the Tablets – iPad mini Vs HTC Flyer

May 4th, 2013

The iPad mini and the HTC Flyer have attracted the attention of many people. Users across the globe are smitten with the features these two models come with and while this is the case, there are still those who wonder which of these two is better. This is not a decision that can be reached easily and as such, it requires a lot of background research. For starters, the HTC Flyer comes with one of the most beautiful and high quality panels that offer great viewing brightness and angles. On the other hand, the iPad mini is equipped with keys that are nicely spaced and this leaves enough room for typing.


It is essential to look at the features of these two before making a conclusion on which one is better.

Screen size: The back of the HTC flyer is designed with a raised section that ensures the tablet is not rocked when laid on any flat surface. It also comes with some raised lips which are below and above the screen and these ensure that the glass is kept clear off any surface it rests on. The iPad mini on the other side comes with the perfect sized screen which is big enough for users to enjoy videos and pictures. It is light and thin enough making it easy to move around with as well.

Camera resolution: If you love taking pictures, then the back camera comes in handy as it makes it possible for you to capture excellent picture with the HTC Flyer. It also comes with a front camera which works like any other front camera though it is located at the very top right hand corner. It is also in portrait form and if you don’t like this kind of setting, it can be a major setback. On the other hand, the iPad mini comes with an iSight 5 megapixel camera which has the ability of capturing great pictures. In addition to this, it is also known to capture some pretty decent movie shots.

Processor: When it comes to the processor, the HTC Flyer comes with a dual 1GHz CPU and instead of having a high speed single core chip 1.5GHz, it is backed by a 1GB RAM. The iPad mini on the other hand comes with an A5 dual core chop and it also uses the same processor A5.


The performance of the iPad mini vs HTC is also worth mentioning in order to guide you towards making an informed decision when buying this. For starters, the iPad mini comes with a high speed processor and also features a wireless chip that makes it simply awesome. In addition to this, web browsing with the iPad is faster. The HTC on the other hand has resistive touchscreens and what is more, it is necessary to have styli in order to use the same. On certain models, the HTC has however added some precision poking devices.

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