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Best Free Laptop Dongle Deal

January 29th, 2010

Get your hands on a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with built in mobile broadband!  This deal has to be the best of the best.  Check out the price plans on this free laptop dongle deal; ironically enough without the dongle…

So you don’t have a laptop, well never mind, you don’t need to get one now do you because with this dongle deal you get this fantasitc laptop absolutely free!  It really is a good deal too.  I’ve talked about some of these free laptop deals being cheaper if you actually bought your own laptop first and then your dongle second but this one is the exception to the rule, and it’s ideal for those on a budget who cannot afford to simply buy a laptop outright first.

As you will see (if you’ve had a look at the link above) there are two different price plans on the Dell Netbook and they depend upon whether or not you want 3GB of usage or no limits.  In my experience 3GB is usually plenty of allowance, and i don’t know many casual surfers who use more than this, but if you want to be safe then the unlimited is only about another fiver a month; so it’s up to you really.

Check out the deal and see what you think, its the top free laptop dongle deal.

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