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Broadband Dongle

February 13th, 2009

Broadband Dongle

Broadband dongle is the term used to describe the mobile broadband USB devices that are now very popular with laptop owners looking for broadband access on the move. Three Mobile were the pioneers in rolling out this technology, at a time when most mobile broadband providers were still offering their customer wireless data cards as the means of mobile internet access, they had the 3 broadband dongle. The small size and sleek look of the laptop broadband dongle proved far more popular than the chunky data cards and now broadband dongles are the most popular option. Broadband dongles are available from all the leading mobile broadband providers, you can now purchase an orange broadband dongle, for example,  and come in a variety of packages designed to suit the needs of most internet users. Broadband dongles are available on contract or as a pay as you go broadband dongle.

USB Broadband Dongles

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USB broadband dongles are giving a new burst of freedom to users of the internet. Have you become enslaved by the internet?  The most common tell-tale signs are:

You don’t go out of your house anymore for fear of disconnecting from the world wide web;

Your idea of going out involves having coffee at cafés that provide wifi connection;

You don’t shop in person anymore as online shopping has become your new best friend;

You rely on online banking to take care of your bills;

You don’t go out to see friends anymore and you satisfy your social needs through the different social networking sites;

You’re online 24/7 that you have already launched an online business for yourself or have gotten online jobs.

If you can relate to any of these, go out and get some fresh air!  Don’t worry, Zombie, there’s a solution now for your internet addiction.

Imagine being online anywhere.  With a broadband dongle you can do just that. Your days of being confined inside your house or coffee shop will soon come to an end.  What’s this miracle product, you ask? It’s the broadband dongle!  It’s a small usb hardware device that you plug to your PC or laptop and it instantly gives you access to the internet.  As long as it can pick up a signal from a local broadband provider then you will be able to access the internet. Anywhere, anytime.  It’s that simple.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are now marketing different deals for their internet dongles.  Just check out the websites of the ISPs that have coverage in your area, and you’re well on your way to freedom.

Compare Broadband Dongle Offers

For those looking to compare the latest broadband dongle packages and offers our comparison table provides up to the day accurate information on the current mobile broadband dongle offers available and what will work out to be the cheapest broadband dongle for you.

For businesses, there are business broadband dongle packages available. The packages vary on whether you are a light or heavy user.  Are you online most of the time or not all the time?  Are you always downloading off the internet or just use it to send and check e-mail?  Find the package that fits you.  Better take time to assess your needs since you don’t want to be paying for services that aren’t necessary.

Broadband dongle packages are now the hippest thing in the techie scene. Internet Service Providers offer a variety of broadband speeds from the just right to the really fast.  Some even offer speed up to 7.2 Mb.  And there’s no need for a telephone line.  Imagine the places you could go to and still have internet!  To top it all off, internet dongles do not need to be charged or recharged.  They simply use up the energy of the battery in your laptop or PC, making them really flexible.  They also come in small sizes.  The trend is to make them even smaller than the size they came out in originally.  Most internet service providers are going for the micro.  All the more handy!

Other benefits of the business internet broadband dongle packages are: simple installation – just plug it in your USB port; compatibility with PCs, laptops, and Macs; and most ISPs have a next day delivery scheme.

In addition to that, most packages offer the dongle (unit itself) for free.  Other packages offer free net books and even laptops!  These great deals are discussed at length in the respective websites of your local internet service providers.

So what are you waiting for, slow poke? Go ahead and grab your internet dongle now and change the way you surf the net.

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