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Can’t Afford A Laptop? Then Get A Dongle.

June 15th, 2010

You might think “why would I want a dongle if I don’t have a laptop”.  Well with these deals you can get a laptop absolutely free when you buy a dongle and sign a contract for a minimum term of mobile internet access.  We’ve looked at a couple of free laptop dongle deals for you here…

Free Laptops With A Dongle

The first deal is from one of the most popular internet companies at the moment, and a company that is sure to have its fingers in as many pies as possible when it comes to communications.  The company is of course Vodafone, and you can never escape them:

  • Free HP Pavilion Laptop PC worth £349!
  • Connection speeds of up to 7.2Mb
  • Downloads for 3Gb
  • 24 month Contract
  • All for £35 a month.

This is a great free laptop deal for £35 a month.  When you consider what a laptop like this would cost you brand new you’d have to save for a pretty long time to get it (well some of us would have to save our money anyway).  This one is perfect for students.

The next deal is from O2 and although the laptop isn’t as powerful, the deal is much cheaper; so you would need to evaluate what you want mobile internet for before you make the choice:

  • Free Asus 1005 worth £299.
  • Connection speeds of up to 7.2Mb
  • Downloads of 3Gb
  • Contract length of 24 months
  • All for £25 a month.

As I said, you’d have to work out what you needed your dongle for before making a decision start with working out what it is you need the internet for you may the type of person that from time to time turns on your computer quickly checks your e mails or maybe your favourite social networking site play a bit of solitaire for five minutes or so then turns it off and does not go back on it for days on the other side of things you may like to play games online or work a lot from your laptop for some people a laptop is like a fifth appendage they could not do without and nothing less than the fastest speeds and largest downloads will do all said there is a deal suited to every type of user and some can even nearly be tailored to suit the needs of the user and with the help of this website you should be able to make a decision a lot quicker than if you were walking around shops having to listen to all manner of sales reps and shop owners that in general want you to spend your money on their premises solely for the financial gain of themselves or the shop owner.

So do not hesitate use the provided comparison tables and make an informed decision from the comfort of the armchair in your own home grab yourself a wonderful deal from one of the various network providers on here and at the same time you can get a free laptop for the same price someone else may only get the contract dongle for giving you the better end of the bargain by far.

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