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Cheap Dongles For Students

It will soon be September, and before you know it you, or your children will be off to university to begin a new era of life and education.  However, this life needs a wireless internet connection, so the best thing you can do is to sort out your dongle and laptop now in order to secure a good deal; you can bet that some of the dongle providers will raise their prices when it gets nearer to the beginning of term…

So what are the main qualities a student looks for in a dongle deal?

Well there aren’t many that can provide all that, but some of those features can be found in a nice compromise by some providers.  Taking into account the first one on the list – the Cheap Dongles factor – we can see that a pretty obvious choice would be the one below from Vodafone.

  • Dongle costs £19.99
  • Monthly cost thereafter £3.00
  • Usuage limit 3GB (this is pretty good)
  • Average Speed 7.2Mb
  • Minimum contract length of 1 month

This is a perfect dongle for students since they are only obliged to pay for their dongle monthly and they can cancel at any time.  The one month contract is sure to get the student dongle market, and it leaves us wondering what the other dongle providers are likley to do in competition.

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