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Checking Out The New iPad

March 26th, 2012

The new iPad has already smashed the launch sales figures of the iPad 2. It has been reported by Apple that the New iPad sold a whopping 3million units in just under 4 days after its launch. The new iPad has been given many names so far and there will probably be more to come. Whether you call it the New iPad or the iPad 3 it is the device of 2012! You can call it what you like and, although it does look a hell of a lot like its little brother the iPad2 it has had a major overhaul. There have been many improvement that have taken place to the internal parts of the New iPad.

The main question we keep hearing from everybody’s lips is what is so much better on this version than last one? Ok, so let’s take a look and see.

Well, in the case of this iPad the answers are easy firstly there’s a Retina Display that gives the look of everything you see on the screen a very crisp feel makes everything amazingly sharp and crisp. The enhanced A5X processor brings quad-core graphics and an excellent 5 mega pixel camera on the back of the device with a VGA sensor on the front for face time. Apple has packed a lot more pixels into the impressive 9.7 inch screen  1536 x 2048 to be precise. The colour reproduction on the iPad 3 is also very impressive and will appeal to many as it is very close to reality.

The iPad 3 is also the tablet that brings iOS 5.1 to everybody that likes to use a tablet although it is on the the iPhone 4s and the iPad 2 it seems so much better on the new iPad you would almost think this is what it was made for.

The great design of the new iPad 3 is not that much different from the original tablet designs that apple have stuck with. In fairness it could be hard to tell the differences between the  new iPad  and the iPad 2 if they were turned off apart from the weight the new iPad is now almost sixty grams heavier but due to this the battery is now much better.

With regards to the design the newiPad is only a little thicker and heavier than the iPad 2 and you have never picked up one of those you should be very impressed the rest of the design is also unsurpassed. Also, given the fact fact you could be paying up to nearly £700 for a top of the range 64Gb wifi + 4G model it needs to be a worthwhile investment – and it is!

With the sleek design of the curved edges and scratch proof glass and the aluminium chassis when you see and feel this model you know have top quality in your hands and with only four buttons on the whole unit there is barely anything that can go wrong with it.

All in all this a great tablet and worth every penny so get straight to a comparison site and find yourself the best deal on one of these wonderful tablets. If the price of the new third generation iPad puts you off then remember that most tablets including this one are available to buy on a tablet on contract basis which means you can spread the cost and make monthly payments.

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