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Christmas Dongles On The List

December 1st, 2009

What with Christmas on the way, the dongle market is getting fierce, there are so many of the damned things out there, no-one really knows which one to get.  Well i have a little advice for you that just might be of use when deciding which internet dongle to buy this Christmas…

You need to begin by basically identifying what you need from your dongle.  Ask yourself a few questions first about the type of wifi dongle you actually need.  In our ever increasing consumer society, too many people make snap, impulse decisions, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the advertisers know this, and will capitalise on the weakness greatly.  These days we want everything bigger, better, stronger, and most importantly faster.  If we can get our dongle two days faster by paying an extra few pounds then we will; it’s sad really.

But just remember that it needn’t be this way.  If you want mobile broadband, you needn’t pay through the nose for it.  A simple evaluation of your needs is all that’s required.  How often do you go online?  What is your budget? (this question is rarely asked these days and it really should be) How fast do you really need your dongle to enable?  Don’t just go into the first store, or online merchant and buy the most shiny dongle on there.  And don’t just buy the first one that offers things like free laptops and pens and cars and houses etc; believe me, these days the consumer industry will give you anything to get you to sign on the dotted line.  What they want is a regular income, and selling you an internet dongle you don’t really need will not bother them at all.

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