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Consider Before Buying a Dongle

November 16th, 2009

There are a few things to think about before you rush in and buy a dongle, just because you think you need it.  You may be getting yourself into a whole lot of trouble and expense you could do without.  You should look for discounts, yes, but you must also be wary of dongle deals with lengthy contracts if that’s not your style…

You certainly do not want to get yourself involved in a two year contract for an internet dongle if you’re not even sure you need it.  Now if you now for an undisputed fact that this is what you need, then far be it for me to dance on your dongle dreams, but please be extra sure.  Sometimes hooking yourself onto a long contract can be a hassle, particularly when the likelihood of internet dongles lowering in price is extrememley high; especially the way technology advances these days.

Try and get a contract that agrees with you, and what you need from your dongle.  This can also include coverage.  Do not neglect to find out if your chosen dongle will give you good coverage for the area you want to use your laptop.  It is quite common for people who choose a dongle without checking to get poor speed when their contract boast much more.  For the amount of time it takes to check the coverage before buying your dongle, it really isn’t worth buying one without doing it.  This applies to all contract types and even pay as you go dongles.

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