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February 13th, 2009

Pay Monthly Contract Dongles

If you are looking for a pay monthly dongle plan then use our comparison table to compare all the current monthly contract plans available in the UK market. For regular dongle users who spend a reasonable amount of time online each month a pay monthly contract internet dongle provides best value for money. Data allowance costs for pay monthly dongles are much cheaper than pay as you go dongles which may offer convenience and more flexibility but the actual cost is considerably greater than that of a contract dongle if you want to use your internet dongle regularly.

Choosing the Best Pay Monthly Dongle Provider:

There are six leading providers of monthly contract dongle internet access. With contract dongles (and pay as you go dongles) Vodafone and Three Mobile lead the way.  Their dongles are by far the best among the current dongles due to having the fastest speed and coverage stats and, lead innovation in the field of mobile internet access. With a tiny USB device measuring no more than two inches in length that you insert unto your laptop via the usb port you can access the Internet on the go with ease and, the reliability of good connection, speed and coverage across most of the UK using one of the pay monthly internet dongles from one of the various UK dongle providers.

In 2012 with numerous contract internet dongles to choose from, checking your email, watching YouTube and Googling whatever you want to find online can easily be done at practically any location from your laptop with a contract dongle. To get the best deal on the pay monthly contract dongle that is right for you please use our free comparison table above.

Data Allowances and Contract Dongles

For those requiring light loads of surfing, there are dongle providers that offer low monthly usage plans that will provide the best value for your money. T-Mobile, Orange, Three Mobile and O2 all offer cheap monthly contract plans with 1Gb of data or less that start from just £9.91 per month. Vodafone offer a fairly cheap 2Gb plan that costs just £15 per month. For a low monthly fee, and 1Gb of data, you can conveniently send a thousand emails; download up to 32 music tracks and 5 music videos, which are approximately within the 1 Gb capacity in these cheap dongle plans.

For those that make heavy use of the internet each month then larger pay monthly contract plans are available across each of the UK dongle providers. Three dongles lead the way in terms of data allowance with plans available for up to a whopping 15Gb of data per month. Contract dongle plans with between 3 and 5Gb of data are common across each of the internet dongle providers as you can see from the comparison table above.

The good news that comes in every competition is that the increasing number of service providers competing for customers fortunately helps to bring the product cost down. If you will be willing to commit to a longer contract term, top notch providers will give out your dongle for free.

It is also quite important to clarify the policy and terms in all of the contract internet dongles you might be interested to choose from. There have been issues about download limits that are not clearly presented in some contracts that unwittingly leave some innocent users with expensive bills. Make sure that you have clearly understood the service being offered and that you have seen for yourself during the first month of usage whether the service is what it actually offers. If downloading information and products is your cup of tea, taking this tip seriously will save you from a lot of future headaches.

A final thing worth checking on is the possible perks that may come with the dongle plan. Some providers offer free internet access across several hotspots such as Starbucks outlets or at the airports. This is a very useful alternative especially when you find yourself unable to use the dongle because of unavailability of 3G networks in some areas.

Do not easily be astonished with the great speed one provider is declaring, because as every internet surfer knows, the speed is greatly affected by your location and by the number of people using the internet roaming service at the same moment.

With all of the tempting offers and impressive deals, choosing the right contract internet dongles for you will be such a big challenge.

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