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Dingle Dongle

November 28th, 2009

Most of you will think that a dongle is a ridiculous name for a device that provides mobile, wireless internet, and you’d be right.  But there is no disputing that dongles have revolutionised the communications world in ways that we in the 1970s could have only dreamed about…

The name originates from nothing really, the creators couldn’t think of a good name for a dongle so they called it a dongle because it simply sounded a bit funny; and a bit rude!

Dongles now provide hundreds of thousands of people with reliable wireless internet across the country.  Depending on your package, a simple USB plug in dongle can provide hours of internet usuage.  This is why pay as you go dongles are becoming very popular these days.  Young people in particular, who don’t have access to the same financial resources as their parents are all opting for pay as you go dongles; having said that, it’s probably the parents who are paying for it anyway.  Getting a pay as you go dongle has quite literally become as easy as topping up your mobile phone.

My daughter uses a dongle for her laptop and i’ve never looked back since i first introduced her to it.  Now she pays for her own online time, particularly useful to her because she spends most of her time outside of the house!  These teenagers never stand still these days; they’re all sitting in Starbucks trying to look cool with their laptop and Starbucks logo on their cup!  When did Starbucks become such a fashion accessory, that’s what i’d like to know?

Anyway, get your teenagers out of your hair, get yourself mobile with an internet dongle.

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