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Do It With A Dongle

January 5th, 2010

I had a problem a few years ago.  I moved away from home for various reasons I won’t go into here, but suffice it to say there was a cloud, and it was a rather grim looking one.  I managed to stay with friends for quite some time, but this had a disadvantage you wouldn’t think to mention…

I couldn’t stay in touch very well online with my friends and family back home.  But what saved my sanity back then was a dongle.  I kept in touch with everyone through my laptop.  You might say that I could have gone into the local internet cafe and used their facilities to get email etc, and you’d be right.  But keeping in touch with family is a little more important than the occasional email isn’t it?

This is why an internet dongle helps me use my laptop webcam facility.  I bought a dongle and decided to actually use my laptop to keep in touch with people instead of checking emails in internet cafes all the time and logging into my friends’ computers; it was becoming a problem, and i was missing home.

As soon as I had the dongle I could chat live to my family with my laptop, using the facility I’d always had on it but never bothered to exploit due to having no dongle.  The dongle price was right so I just went ahead and bought the thing.  Now I still have the dongle and I can check everything on my laptop, wherever I am, and also connect to my family, whom I miss a lot, via my webcam.  We can really see how we’re doing now!

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