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February 12th, 2010

There are many things that are important in business, but none are more important than good communication networks.  You can get this good communication network by having a dongle that will meet your wireless internet needs…

It’s easy to find something for personal use and going out and about with, but you might not be looking in the right place for a dongle specifically designed for the business person; and there are such dongles out there on the market, you’ve just got to shop around and compare the dongle deals available.

Among the top ten business dongles on offer today is the T-Mobile – Business Mobile Broadband Plus Dongle (or USB stick) as some of these providers are beginning to call them these days (perhaps the word dongle offends).

T-Mobile has speeds of up to 4.5 mb, downloads of 3 GB, and contracts from 18 months so you don’t get too tied down to them (there is always a better deal a year or two down the line.  And because you don’t need all the fancy trimmings and extras, there is no need to give you what you don’t need, and this enables T-Mobile to offer this service at as little as £8.51 per month!

As an added bonus (and we all like added bonuses), when you sign up to T-Mobile, mobile broadband you have absolutely no limit on internet browsing either.  So you can stay online as long as want, when you want, and where you want!  You can’t beat that at £8.51 a month!

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