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Dongle Deals Of The Week

August 5th, 2010

This is the part where we look at a few deals and let you know what we think of them so that you can make an even more informed choice than we’re sure you’re going to make anyway.  It can never hurt to have more advice about getting your dongle right can it after all there are so many deals on the market these days some could find it difficult to make a choice which is this site can help!

So the first dongle deal we’re going to look at today is Vodafone, a company that consistently delivers great dongle deals to its customers month after month rather than year after year like some others:

  • UKs fastest best rated Mobile Broadband device.
  • 7.2Mb speed.  This is a pretty standard speed for all mobile broadband devices.
  • 3GB allowance (downloads).  This is more than enough for an average to heavy user.
  • 12 month contract.  It’s nice to see that Vodafone are not trying to screw their customers into the 24 month contract.  You never know when something better will come out and it’s best not to be trapped by your dongle deal isn’t it?  This way you can be out in a year in the unlikely event that someone actually comes up with a better company than Vodafone!

Another deal later in the week folks and we’ll see how that compares to Vodafone!

Whilst you are waiting, do take the the time to consider a hand full of factors when deciding upon which broadband internet dongle to choose. The very first thing you need to do after you have chosen a network provider is to check the coverage in the area. You will be using the dongle (though there are not many places these days) there still are some places that particular network providers do not cover that well for internet signal and there are also some that have a better signal than others. So a little bit of research in this area could benefit you a lot. One good way I know of is to ask around your friends, as people will always remember if something has been a touch poor to save you making the same mistakes that they did.

After this move on to which type of internet user you are, as this will be heavily dependant on the type of deal you may desire and will also affect the costing of your deal. Some people spend all day glued to the internet, be it for work or social networks, and could not possibly live for more than five minutes without looking or checking for something or another. If you are this type of user you would probably be more inclined to go for deals with large data usage and fast download speeds. Online gamers would also benefit from this as would people who like to download a lot of music and films.

On the other hand, you have the type of user that from time to time logs on to the internet to check for the odd email from time to time or maybe quickly check to see if they have any messages on their favourite social network site. If this is the case, the lighter option would probably be better as it would save some cash and, lets face it, in this current economic climate everyone wants to save some cash these days!

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