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Dongle For Christmas?

January 2nd, 2010

So, tell me people, did you get a dongle for Christmas?  Internet dongle sales look like they shot up again this year and it’s not surprising with the amount of people going online.  Wifi dongles are the new thing to have when you’re out and about, and they keep you connected pretty much wherever you are…

I got my son a dongle for Christmas and it’s a pay as you go dongle.  It seems to be doing him the job it’s supposed to, but i’m not sure i’m going to get any of his chores done while he carries around his new laptop and dongle from room to room surfing interent porn!  I’m just kidding of course, he’ll do this in the privacy of his own room I’d imagine!

The pay as you go dongle helps him because he’s a student and he’s on a low income (when his loan has disappeared anyway; then i become his new best friend).  So what he will inevitably begin to do is top up his internet dongle just like he tops up the credit on his mobile phone; well, i imagine that’s how it will work.  Goodness me, i can remember when there was no such thing as a mobile phone, and the newest thing out there was a keypad telephone!

Anyway, if you have a laptop and you need to work or surf on the go, you need to get hold of an internet dongle.  Internet dongles are available all over the place really, but you should find a few ideas on this website.

Good luck

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