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Dongle Gets A Free Laptop

November 24th, 2009

When this type of campaign first came out I knew it was too good to be true.  I’ve been investigating and searching for dongle deals on the internet.  This “free laptop” campaign has really roped dongle hunters in; especially those youngsters who want to update their laptop but can’t afford to buy a new one outright…

You see when i went dongle shopping on the internet i did a little math.  Now maths is not my strong point, i am best know for my literary skills, but i tried none the less; ever trying to bring the best dongle deals to you lot out there.

Well it goes like this.  This one deal boasted a deal for £25 per month.  This was a two year contract, and it bought you your dongle (of course), 3GB download speed, 7.2mb speed, and a FREE LAPTOP worth £140!  WOW!  This package works out at £625 over the two year period.

Well i looked around and found out, in a matter of minutes with my dongle searching, that you can get this deal £171 cheaper if you buy your own laptop and use a different ISP to get your dongle!  Yes that’s right, all you need do is buy the same laptop the first deal shows you, and then go to another dongle provider and pay a cheaper monthly charge.  This dongle deal offered exactly the same amount of dowloads and also the same maximum dongle speed.

Shop around people and compare dongle prices.

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