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Dongle Internet Access

January 18th, 2012

There are several dongles that give you access to the Internet. When it comes to choosing dongle Internet access it pays to compare them online. Some of the latest devices include the mobile broadband USB dongles.

When you use services such as Vodafone, T-Mobile you often get free dongles with your package, but you must sign an 18 to 24-month contract to get the free dongle, so to some of us this is not worthwhile, since the common dongle is relatively inexpensive.

USB dongles provide Internet users with more flexibility and convenient access to the Internet. If you travel away from home or your office, a lot the dongles can come in handy. You can connect to Wi-Fi or common Internet services anytime you like.
These days the newest dongles are faster, sleeker, and smaller. Some of the dongles use batteries from your computer, which means you never have to recharge the device. You can use dongles with desktop or laptop computers, which make them the prime target for businesses who experience emergencies during travel.

Download Time

Many of the mobile USB dongles have limited download time between 1 and 3 Gigabytes. These types of dongles are handy for those of you who want to check your emails. You can also do some light browsing on the Net, but if you want to download movies, songs, or large groups of data then finding other dongles is in your best interest.
Most times the broadband dongles obtain the speed from mobile and it depends on the strength of signal of your mobile operator as to how fast you can download data. Let’s say you have one to two-bar coverage, this means the signals are weak, and your download time will be slow. But, if you have strong signals then you can download data much faster on a broadband dongle.


Many of the dongles are lightweight, sleek, and called USB modems. Some work on Apple Macintosh Operating Systems and Panther while others may not. You can use the device on Windows and Vista as well, but certain requirements may apply to installation.
The USB modems today come in handy when you need to download data online during travel. If you are stable in a business and do little travel or just looking for a way to manage your data more effectively, the Dongle Internet Access options may be a good choice.
Some people literally buy dongles to access the Internet but also to store their data. This is a big mistake because dongle Internet access devices are not long-term storage devices; rather they are an option for quick results in downloading data, accessing the Internet, checking emails, etc.
If you are considering a dongle, it is best to check out the specifications and other details on the Internet where the best deals can be had.

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