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Dongle On A Student Budget

February 18th, 2010

Students are usually skint!  This is an empirical fact and no-one who has ever known or actually been a student could dispute it.  It is largely there own fault yes, but none the less true.  So they need cheap wireless broadband don’t they?  And this means the very best dongle deals for the needs of the student…

Now sadly i know not all students are young, but for the purposes of this blog post and the delivery of information about dongles i am going to pretend that they are.  So what providers can offer the students what they want these days?  Students are pretty hard to please you know, especially when it comes to the internet and downloading and all that other stuff they get up to on there.

It’s a shrewd dongle provider who focuses on the student, simply because most students will live together but need to pay their way separately.  3 are offering a good deal for students at the moment and it only costs around £12 per month (and this isn’t including any voucher that you might be able to get hold of in the student union bar).  For this £12 the student gets 5 GB of downloads per month (more than enough for the average music and video fan), speeds of up to 7.2 MB and all with a free dongle on an 18 month contract so they’re not tied down too much to the dreadful toil of paying a bill; they’ll be plenty of time for that after they graduate!

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