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Dongle Reviews

December 16th, 2008

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We have our own views on which internet dongle providers and packages are most suitable for particular needs but we are just one opinion. Please therefore share your own reviews, thoughts and opinions on the different packages and dongle providers. Just complete a review and post it below.

Dongle Reviews

Computer dongles are more known in the digital jargon as USB devices. The recent progress of mobile broadband technology all over the word however is gradually shifting the meaning of computer dongles into USB mobile broadband connectivity. Internet service providers and telecommunications companies predominantly choose the term dongles to market their products perhaps because of its semantic humour and memorable quality.

In a fast-paced world where connectivity is required all the time and even in mobility, mobile broadband Internet dongles have been very helpful to people in managing their tasks and communicating within their social network outdoors. Whether people are in the car, dining in at a restaurant, waiting for a business meeting in a cafe, or relaxing in a vacation destination, people can stay connected to the Information Superhighway and get in touch with the global online community by simply plugging these little dongles to their mobile surfing devices. Discussed below are some of the most popular dongle products and their brief dongle reviews.

Among the best mobile broadband Internet dongles available in the market today is UK’s Orange’s mobile modem, especially its Icon 225. Icon 225 is Orange’s fastest dongle, which can provide Internet speed of more than 7MB.The third quarter of 2008 became very kind to Orange as the company’s dongle subscription requests blew up to more than 2000%. Orange’s dongles are very reliable and fast, not mentioning that their physical designs are very sleek. In the present Orange’s modems are continuously receiving a lot of commendation in different dongle reviews of gadget magazines both in print and online.

Three provide a huge range of dongle plans, including contract dongles which are the best choice for those who wish to use a mobile broadband connection on their laptop regularly (speaking of which, you can get free laptops with some broadband dongle contracts from both Three and Vodafone). There’s also pay as you go options for the infrequent user. Have a tablet you want to get online? If you don’t have a cellular tablet and you cannot get access to an internet cafe you could find yourself pretty frustrated! How about using your own personal WiFi hotspot in your pocket! You can also connect to multiple devices to a WiFi hotspot so if you’ve got more than one of you needing to connect to the internet then it could be the ideal solution for you!

T-Mobile is at par with the fastness and reliability of Orange’s Internet dongles. Seen in the business newspapers last year were T-Mobile’s investment efforts to develop and improve their 3G networking facilities, and these efforts were definitely paid in as much as thousands of subscribers are now switching to T-Mobile, and many magazines are commending the company in various dongle reviews. T-Mobile’s broadband portable dongles for laptops and PDAs are perhaps the fastest in providing connectivity through Wi-Fi and 3G networking technologies. T-Mobile’s dongles have very reliable signal detection mechanisms that can utilize GPRS networks in the absence of 3G networks in the area. T-Mobile works with Windows XP and Vista operating systems, and its compatibility with Mac operating system is being worked on . T-Mobile dongles are available in one-year and two-year contracts.

We are indeed living in a decade of incredible digital progress, and the creation of broadband Internet dongles is a testament to that. Through these little techie toys, the whole world can enjoy very convenient and highly flexible access to the Information and Communication Superhighway. With Internet devices like these becoming more powerful, smaller, faster, and sleeker, there is no doubt that in the future, connectivity can be achieved through a gadget so small that we can go online without being aware that it is actually the source of network signals.

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