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Dongle Your New Year

December 29th, 2009

Keep in touch with your friends and family this new year with an internet dongle.  If you’re one of these folks that’s always working, or always travelling all over the place then you need to have a dongle in your pocket!  If you don’t have one you should make it a news year’s resolution to get one…

I’ll do that old advertising trick here and play the guilt card on all you hard working business men and women flying all over the globe trying to earn money to raise your family.  Just imagine poor little Jimmy sitting at home in front of his PC playing games, but really waiting for his mum or dad to return home from a business trip.  It’s Christmas eve and he really has to get to bed, but he’s just holding out in case they return.  Now imagine that you’ve got an internet dongle and you can send him an instant message to his computer.  You know how kids like communicating virtually these days; the phone is prehistoric to them.  Isn’t this the perfect way to keep in touch with you kids in this technological revolution?  I think it is.

So forget the guilt thing, we all have to work, and your kids need to know this.  But it would still be nice to get an internet dongle and chat with them while you’re out and about wouldn’t it?  I think so.  I chat to my daughter all the time via my internet dongle, and to be honest, i have better conversations with her in a virtual world than i do in real life.  I suppose relationships are evolving too!

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