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Dongles All Over!

November 20th, 2009

Dongles are popping up all over the place these days.  You can’t do an internet related search without hitting on a site that sells dongles.  You can get them in all different shapes and sizes, and all of them come under a different package.  Good luck in finding out which one to get…

In fact if you’re out to get a dongle, now would be a pretty good time.  Dongle prices remain very competetive, with all the bog boy manufacturers and retailers trying to beat each other in the dongle war.  There are a few things to be careful of though when you’re buying a dongle, and this is another good reason to buy now; if you wait, then this list will grow and grow as more and more dongle products appear on the shelves nearer to Christmas and the New Year.

  • Check the coverage of your dongle.  Don’t get caught out not getting the maximum speed offered in your contract.
  • If you get a pay as you go dongle, look out for the expiry on them (if there is one); you want to get your money’s worth.
  • Be very careful about dongle deals that offer free laptop computers.  It can often be cheaper to save up, buy your own laptop, and use a different dongle provider.
  • Be aware of the contract length of your dongle if you take this option.  Two years can be quite a long time to remain in a contract for anything, never mind an internet dongle.  It is worth considering that technology advances quickly, and price change too in a short period of time; who knows what dongle options will be available to you in the space of a year?
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