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Dongles By Vodafone

April 8th, 2010

Vodafone are supposed to be one of the fastest suppliers of mobile internet in the country, so how much will a Vodafone dongle cost you these days?  In this post we’ll examine the latest dongle release from Vodafone and examine just what it has to offer the wireless internet user of today…

Well, as ever, it all depends on what you’re online for doesn’t it?  Well, no actually it doesn’t, not with the Vodafone dongle.  This dongle deal is a great one and it has something for everyone.

If it’s speed you’re after you won’t get extraordinary speeds from this dongle but Vodafone aren’t stupid and they’ve given you a dongle that is more than adequate for most users of wireless internet.  If you need any more than the 7.2 mbs that they supply then you are in one of the rare groups that is probably playing lots of online gaming or something like that.  In our book a dongle that provides you with 7.2mb is fast enough.

The download allowance is also just right for what most people need too; even the youngsters out there who are downloading all the time.  3 Gb should be enough for anyone out there on their laptop surfing the internet.  Who actually needs more than this?  I suppose a few of you do if your downloading a lot of movies and stuff, but that is not the average user is it?

So how much is all this?  Well you get the dongle free, so you don’t have to worry about that.  You can have this package on a 12 month contract for just £15 a month!  This is a pretty awesome offer.

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