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Dongles For Business Users

August 5th, 2009

Internet Dongle: Smart Business Solution

Good news for entrepreneurs!  Setting up shop has never been so easy, especially if you’re launching an online business.  If it’s not an online business that you’re planning to introduce to the market, going online is still the best and quickest way for you to stay connected to your business and watch it like a hawk, even when you’re in a remote place.  Using an internet business dongle has now made that possible.  An internet dongle is a handy device that comes in small, even micro, sizes that are plugged into your PC or laptop and it connects you instantly to the world wide web.

Internet service providers have tapped into the business market and came out with business internet dongle packages that are meant to cater to your business needs.  The packages vary in terms of speed, monthly limit, monthly price, and contract length (in months).  So it is really wise to browse the different business internet dongle packages offered and pick one that would particularly answer to your business needs.

The things that you would have to consider are the following:  how would you describe the way you use the internet?  Are you the type who needs to upload or download most of the time?  Then you would need a relatively fast broadband speed to be able to do that.  On the other hand, if all you would be doing is sending and checking e-mails, a rather slow broadband speed is enough to do the job.  There are also business internet dongle packages for those who cannot live without internet connection and have to be online 24/7.  Those who have a life aside from the web and don’t need to be online all the time also have packages suited for them.  It is important to get the right package because you wouldn’t want to be spending for something you don’t really need.

One of the main perks of business internet dongle packages is that it is so simple to install.   There are only three steps to set it up: first, insert the SIM card into the USB modem (dongle); second, plug the dongle to your laptop or PC through the USB port; third, the software to use the dongle will download automatically from the dongle itself. It’s that easy!

Other perks are:  it is compatible with Macs, laptops, and PCs; it can be utilized in several PCs; most internet service providers have next day delivery deals; and the best part – it does not require a phone line!  So you can be online anywhere.  You don’t need to be forever on your desk at home or some similarly boring place.  You could be on a holiday and still be abreast with the developments in your business or work.  With this dandy internet innovation, you will be able to maximize your multi-tasking abilities.

Last friendly reminder: make sure that the internet service provider has coverage in your area.  You don’t want to be purchasing business internet dongle packages that you can’t use because your locality isn’t covered.

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