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eBay Announces Prediction Of Mobile Broadband Sales

January 31st, 2012

eBay has announced their belief that mobile broadband sales will increase by 8 billion USD.  In terms of pounds that number will be around 64% given that the GBP is at .64 to one USD.  The prediction comes after the announcement that the UK will receive 4G throughout the entire country after bids are accepted.  They consulted with Ofcom with regards to the 4G mobile broadband expansion that has recently been in the news.

Ofcom is accepting proposals from companies to determine which company can offer the best price to expand the 4G networks into some of the more rural locations in the UK.  eBay stated that mobile shopping is huge right now.  The infrastructure makes certain that consumers find a smooth experience.  They figure that mobile sales will increase for them by $8 billion USD.

They are also finding numbers in which mobile retail will hit 19 billion pounds by 2021.  The result will be due to the 4G high speed network being put into place now.  Consumers want to see fast internet and 4G is currently the best out there.
There are some that are warning that network coverage may not be enough.  In other words, it may not be as reliable as hoped because the technology needs to catch up to the expansion.  About 16% of UK residents are in areas that lack proper internet compared to the national levels.  These are the consumers that Ofcom is looking to appease with the 2012 expansion.

It is also an issue of what retailers can afford to lose.  The current economic state suggests that losses are not acceptable when it comes to revenue. This means companies need to find ways of expanding their client base. The expansion of 4G throughout the UK is one way to ensure this happens. Ofcom definitely wants to address the quality of mobile broadband coverage so that no one is lacking and that the new network will have the best that can be found.

In 2011, eBay submitted a report to Ofcom stating seven areas where the mobile economy could be boosted for the UK.  At the top of this list was gaining faster mobile broadband and better coverage throughout the UK. It seems Ofcom is listening since they are going with some of the recommendations and working on expanding the mobile broadband coverage. PayPal has also projected that the mobile world will increase by about the same eBay projects.
It was stated at a conference that the mobile world will definitely have an impact in online retail for companies like eBay. The technology allows consumers to connect, which also means new ways to shop. Consumers can find what they want when they want.

The changes are certainly something of a positive considering that some rural areas are still dealing with dial up connections. Dial up internet is one of the most troubling ways to get connected because it is very easy to lose the signal. Furthermore the signal is very slow. Anyone who wants a good connection and to take advantage of the future in mobile retail needs to be connected properly.

The climate in mobile broadband is certainly heading towards more Internet TV over satellite and cable. Right now it is the more affordable option for those who can obtain a great connection. The point is that the UK will definitely find a lot of help with regards to economic stability from the move, as well as more individuals enjoying the world of internet shopping that can really save money for people.

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