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Even Faster Dongles From Three

February 14th, 2012

Broadband provider and mobile network operator Three UK has recently launched a high speed dongle that is set to rival any competition and claims that their dongle has capabilities that are up to forty percent quicker than other dongles on the market. Now as far as competition goes this a good and strong offer and is definitely going to be a benchmark when it comes to offering dongle deals.

Having a good dongle speed is important for people who use mobile broadband and a lot of people base their choice mainly on this before price. A lot of providers have high competition between each other where broadband dongles are concerned. As a result they are very forward in offering high speeds to users after all every provider wants the customer to purchase and own one their products so in turn they have to offer as much as they can and what people want in the case of broadband dongles it seems to be all about speed.

The Huawei E367 dongle model is one of the Three internet dongles and has broadband speeds that are forty percent quicker than other dongles on the market at the moment and this is based on HSPA+ technology and it was this that made these impressive speeds possible. Huawei have been established for a while now so you also can be confident that you can rely on what they say is true and not only this but if they are going to make this claim they are going to have to back it up so expect to be nothing less than very impressed if you purchase one of these high speed internet dongles.

New Dongle Features

One of the great features of this dongle is that it can be positioned so that it points straight up in the air so not only does it take it up so much space but it can also receive a stronger signal thus improving the performance and reliability.

This mobile broadband dongle can be obtained from the net or shops alike you will also have the option to own one on a pay as you go option. The best way to get one of these in my opinion is a comparison site like this one as you can get straight to what you want without having to search through all manner of other comparisons because it specialises in internet dongles.

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