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Free Internet Dongles

There is absolutely no need whatsoever to buy your dongle anymore.  When you sign up for one of the great mobile broadband deals these days the dongle is nearly always free and after all everybody loves anything thats free.  If you have to buy your dongle then the deal is probably not very good, so watch out…

The best internet dongles are always those that offer you the maximum time online, with the maximum connection speed.  Anything less than 3.2mb speed is usually pretty dismal and will make for frustrating and bad web surfing.  If you want a good connection from your dongle supplier then you really need to be looking at speeds of 7.2mb and above.  Most free internet dongle packages will offer this.  They will cost you anything from £10 a month to £30 a month, and these prices are entirely dependent upon the speed, download limts and any extras that the dongle provider decide to throw your way; like a free laptop for example.

Free Laptop With Internet Dongle Deals

The free laptop and free internet dongle packages are probably the most value for money if you don’t already own a laptop.  To pay a fee each month is often preferable for those who cannot afford the costs involved in buying their own laptop computer and setting it all up for use with a dongle to get online.

If you look around this website you’ll see a variety of dongle offers (all of which are accurate at the time of publication) and you can see for yourself the massive variations in dongle prices dependent on speed and extras; you’ll also find lots of advice about finding the best one to suit your needs.

First thing first which type of deal are you looking for some people prefer a contract and others find that pay as you go is easier this descision is usually based on your budget and how much time you actually spend on the net for instance if you only check things every now and then like e mail or social network sites a pay as you go dongle would probably be easier as there is no commitment involved and you will never be paying for what you havent used on the other hand if you are always on the internet and have a budget that could easily include regular monthly payments then a contract may be the better option and this is nearly always the option that will provide you with freebies in the deal.

The main things now is to decide your download speeds and limits again this is all dependant on how much you use the internet and what you use it for avid online gamers out there would require a high download speed and a large usage limit to cope with all information that has to be sent and received in order to play the games that are popular at the moment on the flip side as said if you do not use the internet a lot you could get a fairly cheap contract with the smaller download speeds and usage allowances.

Having said all of this do note it is always a good idea to check the coverage in your area or the area you are most likely to using your internet dongle they all vary and get different signals in places.

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