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Free Laptop Dongle Deal From 3 Mobile

April 22nd, 2010

3 Mobile have redeemed themselves somewhat by offering a free laptop dongle deal.  It’s about time this company offered something in the way of a deal and now we have it here on the table ready to examine in a little more detail…

Well the contract length is always a telling sign in these type of dongle deals and this one is no different to the majority of free laptop dongle deals at 24 months (2 years to ordinary people like me and you).  So whatever you end up paying for you’re likely to end up paying for the laptop at any cost.  The laptop itself is quite good.  It’s a Compaq CQ61 (which is estimated at over £300 in value retail).  However, you must understand that 3 Mobile are not doing any favours here and no one gives things away for nothing in this world; their laptops would have cost them a lot less believe me.

7.2MB is their speed, which we feel is quite reasonable and no more is needed (or indeed capable in some areas, depending where you’re using your dongle).  And 3 Mobile seem to have kept with the large download allowance on the free laptop dongle deal too, offering a massive 5 GB of downloads.

So it all looks good doesn’t it?  Well yes we would agree, but there is one thing that troubles us about this and it’s the price.  You will pay £30 a month for this deal.  Now you might be better off buying a cheaper laptop and getting a standard dongle deal for this price!

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