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Free Laptop Dongles With 3 Mobile

3 Mobile have redeemed themselves with a couple of rather nice laptop dongle deals lately, and we’re going to take a look at them.  Not everyone has a laptop computer, and now that 3 mobile and others offer their free laptop deals when you buy a dongle and take out a contract with them, these people don’t have to…

Deal number one from 3 Mobile:

  • Free Dongle
  • Monthly charge of £17.50
  • Usage limit of 1GB a month
  • Speeds of up to 7.2 Mb
  • Contract length of 24 months (or two years whichever seems less to you!)
  • Free laptop – Dell Mini 1012 – with this order.  Getting the free laptop will put you online.  Read the following for information about the laptop with this dongle deal
  • Windows 7 featured
  • Integrated Intel 950 Graphics Media accelerator
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life with this Dell.  Most Dell laptops are pretty good with this and when you’re getting a laptop it’s always good to check the battery life.
  • 10 inch HD display screen
  • 1GB memory.  This means basically how fast your machine will operate and execute commands.  This is a pretty average size and perfecly reasonable for this size laptop
  • 160GB Hard Drive.  This is the amount of information your laptop can hold (storage if you like).
  • Intel Atom N450 Processor 91.66Ghz)

So all in all this laptop is pretty good for the price and the length of contract.  I’d say that it’s a good all rounder.  It’s not great for a load of online gaming and stuff like that, but it’s perfect for study and work purposes, web browsing and writing etc.

Deal Number two in a couple of days!

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