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Free Offers With A Dongle

August 10th, 2010

It comes to something when the communications companies are prepared to give you a free laptop to go with your wireless internet doesn’t it with there being so much competition about these days the offers seem to be going up and up in one respect it gives you some idea of how much money they must make to be able to give away such extravagant items?  I mean, whatever will they think of next, pay your electricity bill?…

It’s all very relevant though you see, and when you want your customers to pay for monthly mobile internet access you need to know that you can get them.  These big companies will get huge shipments of laptop computers for next to nothing, simply because of the huge shipment and also because of the advertising the laptop manufacturer gets from it.  So you see, it is worthwhile them giving them away with their dongle deals and mobile internet contracts.

Free Laptop Dongle Deal Offers

The average contract length for a free laptop dongle deal is 24 months, and we assume that this is to cover the expense of the laptop as well as the costs to get you online with your dongle; however, they could be making masses of profit if those laptops are dirt cheap, you never can tell.  The last time i checked the average cost of a free laptop dongle deal was something like £30 per month.  This might not sound like a lot, but it’s also worthwhile looking at how much a laptop is first isn’t it, and if you buy your own that way you can get a cheaper monthly price for your dongle.

Do not forget however that a free laptop is not the only deal you can get from a contract dongle there all sorts of offers if you do not already have a mobile phone there may be an offer for those I’ve seen offers for top of the range games consoles, dvd players and basically anything that can convince someone to grab a deal from a provider.

Any of these deals should be relatively easy to find with the comparison tables on this web site there are all sorts of deals to choose from you may even find in the end after a lot of comparison that there is a better deal that suits you without having to tie into a contract it all boils down to your individual needs you will need to consider whether you first you would like to have a wireless dongle on a contract or on pay as you go then take into account how much usage you would like do you play a lot of games online or just check your preferred social network site from time to time if this is the case you may not need  large download capacity or super fast speeds.

Whatever you choose in the end a wireless internet dongle is a good thing to have even if you do have home broadband bear in mind you cant take that out and about with you and the range may not even extend to your garden, would it not be nice to sit outside and surf the internet in the summer? So don’t look any further get on the comparison tables and find yourself a great deal freebies or not you should still be able to find your moneys worth on here!

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