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Get Your Free Laptop!

April 29th, 2010

Free laptop?  Yes, that’s right!  When you sign up for an internet dongle from various different mobile broadband suppliers you can get a free laptop PC!  This is a great way to get going with your mobile internet needs if you can’t afford to buy a laptop…

So how does it work?  Well it’s simply really.  You find your supplier and you sign up, they send you a laptop and a dongle and off you go online when and where you like.  The dongle deals like these usually come with a two year contract, although there have been the very odd exception of a shorter one.  I think that the length of the contract really reflects the value of the free laptop you’re getting.  When you consider it, although your chosen internet provider will no doubt get their laptops cheaper in bulk, they also have to make money so that’s why you have to sign up for a couple of years.

Many of these packages are around £25 – £30 a month, and this is pretty good considering that you’re getting a laptop to keep after your two year contract is up.  Now i’m not saying that the thing isn’t going to blow up after two years (which will probably happen), but you still can’t beat a dongle deal like this for £30 a month can you?

So go and search them out on this website and do some wider research if you like, you’re sure to find a damn good free laptop dongle deal because the competition is so fierce!

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