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Happy New Dongle

December 31st, 2009

And it’s here at last, the change to 2010!  Get your dongles at the ready and lets see if we have an information super highway crash with all the messages shooting all over the place.  Young people use their dongles and laptops to chat to their friends rather than the telephone these days, so i can imagine that on new year’s eve the airwaves are going to be pretty full of messages…

Imagine if you could see them all, spelled out it the air as though someone had taken a variety of huge marker pens and just written them in the clouds.  That is a bizarre thought isn’t it?  The messages would block out the sun or the moon.  Well i wonder if all those message do hit each other occasionally?  It would certainly make for some pretty cool entertainment value.

Anyway, don’t be left out tonight with all the new year messages, plug in your USB dongle and take out your laptop wherever you’re going.  Your friends and family will certainly remember a message that you send on new years eve, and they will certainly appreciate it.  You can even send a message about the lastest dongle deals on the internet so that you loved ones can go out and buy their own internet dongle, allowing them too to send messages via their laptop anywhere and anytime they want.  What liberation this tiny little dongle device gives!  We are so lucky!

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