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Have Yourself A Dongle Christmas

December 11th, 2009

So you’re stuck what to buy for someone for Christmas?  I know the feeling.  In fact half the population of the UK know that feeling too.  But never fear because there is an idea you may not have considered.  A dongle.  No it’s not from Ann Summers so you’re pretty safe, it’s the latest technology that allow you wireless internet, and mobile broadband wherever you go…

You simply plug the little USB dongle into your laptop and within seconds you’re online and ready to use the internet, anywhere you like.  Speeds for these dongles are pretty good too, and most of them can offer you the same speed, if not better, than what you get from your home PC; the reliability of connection may vary, but that’s to be expected on a mobile device like an internet dongle.

I got a dongle a few months ago as a birthday present and i’ve been singing their praises ever since.  Now  i simply point people in the right direction to get the internet dongle they really need; and not what the dongle manufacturers like to think their customers need (which usually involves a long expensive contract!)

My only real, goo advice would be to search the internet dongle deals and speak to various experts about wifi dongles and their speeds etc.  If you get enough information, and do enought dongle research then you are sure to find the dongle deal to suit you best of all.

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