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Heavy User Dongles

April 5th, 2010

If you’re a heavy internet user then you’ll need a dongle that’s got what it takes to keep you online for longer, and make sure that your time there is quality with no mistakes and annoyances.  Well there are many dongles that would claim to help you do this, but we’ve found some that seem to fit the bill a little better than others…

3 Mobile seem to offer an enormous download allowance with one of their packages, and this we think would be one of the greatest dongle deals for a heavy user.  They offer a massive 15 GB of download allowance.  Now that is a lot of online gaming or a lot of music and video download isn’t it?  You could get that much better at home; it’s virtually unlimited isn’t it?

You can get this sort of usuage for around £25 a month.  Now here at Internet Dongle we thing that this is a pretty unbeatable deal for all you heavy users out there, and if you can find a better deal then we’d strongly advise you to take it and tell us about it too!  There is only one setback to this deal and that is that it’s on a 24 month contract.  Now a 12 month contract would have been a lot more acceptable, but in our view we’d like to see these contracts gone for good, they’re only there to protect the provider because they know that the competition is so fierce that there will be a better product out there in less than a year.

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