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Internet Dongle Options

July 10th, 2009

Two Options in Getting Internet Dongles

 If you do not have to use the Internet regularly, it is best for you to get Pay As You Go Internet dongles rather than sign a contract under a mobile broadband service provider. That way, you would not have to worry about paying for fixed monthly bills. Contracts would only work for students, entrepreneurs and office workers because they need the Internet like water. Students would always have to do online research, entrepreneurs need to keep an organized database of their clients’ contact information and a website to promote their business and office workers would not live without the benefits of online chat and email.

Avid Internet users that mainly surf the web for social purposes would also find it beneficial to get contract Internet dongles because they would be able to browse thousands of websites and download gazillion of files endlessly.

As for occasional Internet users, getting contract Internet dongles would only be a waste of time and cash. These contracts usually work for long term so it means that even if you want out of the contract, you would still have to pay what is due because of what you initially applied for. Also, these contracts are made to cater to the needs of constant Internet users so the rates are more than what an occasional Internet user would expect.

What mobile broadband service providers have in mind when they make these contracts is the subscribers would definitely make the most out of their Internet connection so it is just normal that they raise the bar higher than usual. You could safely say that these contracts are like mobile plans that are fixed so you have no choice to use it all you want or your money will get wasted. Since the rates are already fixed, you would have to pay for the fees even when you have not really used the services that much.

These reasons are enough to convince anyone that if they are not that into the Internet, then do not bother getting contract Internet dongles because Pay As You Go Internet dongles would already do wonders for you. You might be wondering why these Internet dongles seems to have become an overnight sensation when home broadband services are already reliable enough for Internet users. Well, the main and most obvious difference between two types of broadband connections is the use of Internet dongles would make your capability to access the Internet more possible when you are not at home. In short, with these dongles, you would have Internet mobility.

Since both contract Internet dongles and Pay As You Go Internet dongles rely on mobile signal for the Internet connection, you would not have to be at home in order to access the Internet. This also means that you would not have to apply for a landline connection if you are just starting your own home life. The benefits of contracts and pay as you go options vary but both are undoubtedly useful in making your Internet life more convenient.

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