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Is It The End Of Dongles All Together?

With the world using their mobile phones more and more to access the internet when they’re out and about, is it time the dongles were put out to pasture and forgotten about?  Well today we’ll look at a little mobile internet news and try and find out the answer…

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Accoring to Reuters more than 1/3 of internet users in Western Europe will be accessing the internet via their mobile phones by 2014.  Recession has caused a drop in many consumer activities, including internet use but people just will not be separated from their mobile phones!  It is certainly going to be the last area of communications to go should the recession get any worse.

There is little wonder that this is happening really when you consider the rise in the internet ready mobile phones; a few years ago there were no such things, and everyone who wanted to go on the internet when they were out and about had to use a laptop PC and a dongle of course.

It all depends again on the type of user and what they need access for.  Many people would say that the dongle is going to die out, but i would disagree completely yes mobile phones are good for accesing the internet but in my opinion i think its going to be children and teenagers on social networks and sites like you tube any serious surfing or shopping is going to be a touch tedious on a mobile phone  the greatest users of mobile phone internet are those who are not really using the internet for business use.  The customers who are still using the internet for business use are going to require a laptop computer because they will more than likely need access to other files; internet dongles are definately going to be needed long into the future; that is until all laptops come with them integrated!

So for the here and now a dongle is going to be a great choice for getting on the internet any time and any place compare all dongles and see how good they are yes there are other ways but the convenience of being able to reach into your pocket pull a little stick out plug it into your laptop and start surfing within minutes will be seldom matched.

The only problem i can see is making a chioce from all the great deals that are put before you with such a variety it could seem daunting to some and in this current economic climate no body can afford to waste thier money by buying the first one they see they need a well informed and educated decision and thanks to this websites handy comparison tables alot of the pressure of trying to choose will be lifted from your shoulders my only advice is that you first contact your desired network provider and check the coverage of the area you will be using the internet dongle in once you know this the fun begins of getting the best deal to suit you as said there are alot from here just work out wether you use the internet alot or just check it from time to time then tailor the deal accordingly have fun and happy surfing!

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