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It’s Dongle Weather

August 31st, 2010

When it’s dongle weather take your work outside and soak up some of those valuable UV rays!  Or are they the ones you’re supposed to avoid, i can never tell.  I do know however that being in the sun is very good for your mood and well being.  All of us office workers could do with a little time in the sun occasionally…

So why not think about it?  Have a word with your boss and see if you can take your laptop outside into the garden or to a park in order to finish those last minute figures he wants doing.  You would be surprised at how productive this could actually make you.  A happier worker is a more productive one, this is a fact, so there has to be something in the idea of getting out with your laptop and dongle.  Your employer could start a new craze couldn’t they?  They could buy a load of dongles and get the entire office outside on a nice day in order to do their work.  This would be a great promotion for the company and give them lots of exposure.

Being able to use dongle outside is one of its best features the internet has come a long a way since dial up now with mobile technology using the internet on the move is easy and very affordable there are many types of dongle to use and many deals to choose from finding one to suit can sometimes be quite a task luckily for you we have a very reliable comparison table to aid you in making a decision and making sure you get the best dongle deal that suits your needs and that is reflective of the budget you have to spend.

Best Deals For Contract Dongles

If you have never had or used a dongle but have heard how good they are you may be better off with a pay as you go dongle as not to commit yourself to any yearly contracts however if you are aware of how good these wonders of technology are you may want to get a contract dongle for the best deals theres many different tariffs and types of dongle to compare and choose from to siut a multitude of needs as there are so many different types of tariff and network providers they are almost tailored to suit every need from using them to help run your online business or just letting your kids play online games once or twice a week.

All in all every dongle is great if you would like to do more on the internet without having to be a said distance from your broadband router you have to admit being able to check e mails whilst you are at the local play park watching your kids is a much better option than every one being stuck in the house on a nice sunny day and really an idea like that is the tip of the iceberg the options for uses of a mobile broadband dongle are as limited as your imagination so what are you waiting for make some comparisons and take advantage of one of these wonderous devices.

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