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Merry Dongle Christmas!

December 25th, 2009

If you are reading this on it’s day of posting then Merry Christmas to you, and i hope you have a great day!  You might even be reading this post with a new internet dongle you’ve got for Christmas!  If you are, i hope your dongle turns out to be all that you thought it would be, and that it gives you hours and hours of internet pleasure.  There is one concern though.  If you are reading this post with your new internet dongle, why on earth are you not surfing internet porn?  Everyone else is…

Just kidding of course, you search for what you want.  You might even be searching for a dongle to buy in the January sales?  There are bound to be great dongle offers all over the TV and internet offering you even better dongle deals than you had before Christmas.  So if you are on a PC at home, and not using a wifi dongle anywhere else, you might be on the lookout for a dongle in the sales.  I hope you find one that suits your needs perfectly.  There is nothing worse than buying something you don’t need, especially if you’ve signed up to pay the same amount for a minimum of two years!  Argh!  I can’t commit to what breakfast cereal i eat first thing in the morning, never mind whether or not i sign on the dotted line for an internet dongle contract of 2 years.  I might be dead in 2 years for goodness sake.  No, it’s certainly not for me.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day, and if you’ve got a dongle for Xmas then have a great time with it!

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