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Mobile Broadband Dongles Overview

March 18th, 2009

If you’ve encountered phrases like mobile broadband, mobile modems, and mobile broadband dongles, then you’ve probably caught tidbits of one of the newest members in the UK telecom markets today.  All over the country people are turning to what is known as a dongle, a portable USB device which is plugged in to the laptop and that provides internet access wherever and whenever the user wishes.

This piece of technology is especially suitable for laptop users, travelers, and executives who are often moving from one place to another and still require internet access for business purposes.  With dongles, people are able to download as much as 3 GB of data and can still communicate no matter where they are located.  It is also a lot cheaper and more convenient than LAN technology, making it a possible alternative to expensive internet services.

Who are providing dongles?  Leading ISPs such as Vodafone, Orange, 3, and T-mobile are now competing with one another with internet packages that come with their own respective mobile broadband dongles.  These are normally provided for free whenever someone wishes to subscribe to a particular ISP and they come in two kinds: fixed price plans or prepaid/pay as you go.  With fixed plans, you can instantly gain access to the internet without having to worry about loss of connection due to unpaid dues.  This is most suitable for business executives and users who constantly use the internet wherever they go.  For prepaid dongles, these are preferred by users who only go online when required.  Here, you only gain access within a limited period of time depending on how many credits are available.

Of course, picking a particular brand would mean constant analysis and comparison.  It is best to browse through articles about mobile broadband dongles, compare prices between companies, and see which one best suits one’s preferences and regular internet usage.

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