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More Business Dongles

February 16th, 2010

When you’re in business you need something reliable and straightforward with no fancy trimmings don’t you?  Yes?  Well then you need a dongle for your laptop that is specifically designed to give you what you need and nothing more for good value…

We’ve already looked at T-Mobile and their business dongle, and their very competitive rate i might add, but now we turn our attention to another big boy in the wireless internet market and their excellent dongle deal.

Vodafone is the other one on everyone’s lips these days and the dongle deal they offer is pretty damn close to that of T-Mobile.  Vodafone also offer their business dongle package at £8.51, obviously rather shrewdly keeping up with the Jones’s!  However, Vodafone do try to top the market here by offering us a more wildly exciting speed of up to 7.2 Mb.  But you have to ask yourself, for business purposes do you really need that extra speed anyway?  Not really i hear you say.  Well in that case do you want to sign up for a 24 month contract rather than the 18 months offered by T-Mobile?  No-one wants to be tied to a contract any longer than they have to be so i am assuming that you don’t.

Well that speed is really the only thing that Vodafone has going for it; that and the price.  But if you’re considering trading in the speed for the extra contract length then think again because, as i said in my T-Mobile article, times change quick and you might just see a better dongle deal down the line.  Wireless internet providers are always competing and things will become much cheaper very soon!

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