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More Free Laptop Dongle Deals

November 26th, 2009

I’ve been looking at these free laptop deals with your dongle broadband packages.  Many people will opt for this because they don’t want the initial outlay of a laptop computer; it’s a very clever sales pitch really, but just how good is it for you?

Well i was looking on a website only this morning, searching for dongle deals as a matter of fact, and i came across a website advertising the free laptop thing.

The first one i saw was a laptop that offered all the jazzy gadgets: fantastic speakers, low temperature on the hand pad where the mouse is etc etc, and a free dongle too.  It all looked absolutely fabulous, and a steal at £25 per month.

Now i don’t know too much about how long individuals will be online, or what they want to download etc, so i can’t tell you if a download limit of 3GB is good or bad.  Keep this in your mind if you do know, and i’ll continue.  The next thing i noticed was that the maximum speed was 7.2 mb.  Now i think that’s not too bad really, based on my experience, and more than enough for what the average user wants.  It’s not high speed broadband or anything but it’ll do.  And finally the cost of the actual laptop (although it’s free when you sign up for the montly plan) was £140.

Now, here’s the thing.  The contract is for 24 months.  Now this is alright if you know you’re going to use it a lot, but when i worked out what £25 a month is for 25 months i got £625.  Now considering the laptop only costs £140, we could argue that the deal stops being a good one.  I suppose it’s down to the individual really.  Just consider this when you’re out buying a broadband dongle.

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