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More Free Laptops When You Buy A Dongle!

June 18th, 2010

That’s right, there are many, many more dongle deals out there and these ones in particular will get you a free laptop computer.  If you haven’t already read the last post on free laptop dongle deals go and read it now and refresh yourself with the best deals out there.  What follows are other deals that aren’t as good but may just suit you…

3 Mobile have been on the block for a while now, and when it comes to the free laptop dongle deals they’ve got a great idea to sell them.  Their tactics are to get two deals out there so that at least one of them appeals to the customer!

The first deal goes like this:

  • Free Compaq CQ61 Laptop PC worth £399
  • 3.6 Mb of speed.
  • 5Gb Downloads
  • 24 month contract
  • All for £30 a month

There next dongle deal focuses on a shorter contract and a different spec free laptop:

  • Free Compaq Mini 311 Laptop worth £316
  • 3.6 Mb of speed.
  • 5Gb Downloads
  • 18 month contract
  • All for £35 a month

So you get a shorter contract with the second deal and what looks like a cheaper laptop.  Now i’m no expert on laptop PCs but i do know that generally when something is cheaper it’s not usually as good.  If this is the case then i can’t understand why 3 Mobile are charing more for this second deal; unless of course having a shorter contract is really worth that much money in the long run!

Free Laptop With A Dongle From 3 Mobile

So now you can see how simple it can be to grab yourself a free laptop with a dongle from 3 mobile the next thing really is to work out what you want or need from a dongle and a laptop to decide which type of deal you need after all it would be pointless to just take any deal for the sake of it basically there are give or take two main types of internet user and dependant on which type you are will dictate the deal you need first of all you have the type of user that is a total internet junkie that spends all day every day almost glued to thier laptop screen if its for gaming you would probably be more suited to a laptop thats got higher specifications with faster processing speeds and and larger ram memory and rom memory to be able to cope with the vast amounts of information that is being transferred back and fourth along with this the dongle would ideally need to match it with high internet speeds and large download limits and usage allowances otherwise if you are the type of person that only checks your favourite social networking sites or e mails just from time to time then you could stick to the simpler option of the two as you would not need such capabilities to cope with these easy tasks this is something you would need to work out for yourself after all you are the only person that knows how you use the internet and what you need to use it for so decide and net yourself a great deal with 3 mobile from

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