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More Student Dongle Deals

February 20th, 2010

Now all your kids are in University and they’ve settled down (well at least a little) there may well be some of them still looking for wireless internet connection.  As parents you might be able to help pick up a few bills here and there, so why not pick one of the cheapest: the dongle deal…

Well the cheapest bill would probably be soap and cleaning products but that’s another post for another blog!  The dongle is now part of every student’s kit, along with the obligatory bottle of Jack Daniels and the dreadful stain on the trousers that will never come out; ever!

So we make it our mission to dig out another student dongle deal for you.  This one is from T-Mobile and it’ll only cost you £10 a month for the first three months and then up to £15 i think.  You can’t get much better than this to give your child everything that they need and more from the internet.

They will get a free dongle, up to 4.5 MB of speed, 3 GB of download capacity, all on a nice short 18 month contract; so if they drop out of Uni you won’t have to keep paying the bill for them to sit at home and use that dongle deal to surf porn all day long in your lounge!

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