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More Student Dongles Under Review

Now we’re going to look at a couple more internet dongles that seem to have been made for the lower budget market (or in other words students!)  The last two under scrutiny today are from O2 and 3 Mobile, two big names in wireless internet services…

First let’s look at 3 Mobile and see what they have to offer the average student, who presumably already has a laptop computer:

  • The Dongle is free with this wireless internet deal
  • Monthly price of £7.50 after this though.  When they put a price like this on a dongle deal aimed at students, personally i think they are insulting the average student’s intelligence.  A free dongle doesn’t cut it when you can buy one from Vodafone for £19.99 and only pay £3.00 a month after your initial dongle purchase.  This initial payout is soon recuperated by the monthly costs.
  • 1 GB of usage allowance.  This isn’t too bad, and it beats the hell out of Orange’s 500Mb offer at the moment.  However, they still don’t beat Vodafone’s 3GB allowance.
  • 7.2Mb speed
  • 24 month contract.  This is an unlikley thing for buyers of student dongles.

Now it’s the turn of O2

  • Free dongle with O2.  Just the same as 3 Mobile here.
  • Monthly cost of £10.00 with this dongle deal.  This isn’t too bad compared with 3 Mobile because O2 offer the first 3 months free.  However, £10 a month after that will soon make up the difference between the two providers won’t it?
  • Usage of 1GB a month.  Same as 3 Mobile here.
  • 7.2Mb speed
  • 18 month contract.

Well there you have it.  Both these dongles compare pretty much the same, but they will not beat Vodafone at the moment for the student market.  I think that the contract length will put many people off.  Just the word contract is enough to put me off!

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