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More Student Laptop Dongle Deals

March 15th, 2010

I told you last week about a quite expensive dongle deal with a free laptop.  That was a good deal, quite simply in my opinion due to the excellence of the laptop that 3 Mobile was giving away.  However, there are cheaper alternatives out there for your stundent son or daughter, or even yourself…

There’s no reason to think that you’re not as important as your student, and none of these blog posts are designed to prioritse to student over the everyday user of the laptop and dongle.  But getting back to the point, today i have brought you yet another dongle deal that includes a free laptop.

Staying with 3 Mobile will allow me to identify that the same mobile broadband company can also offer a cheaper deal.  This one is about half the price of the one in the previous post.  In this one you’ll get a Dell Mini 1012 laptop PC worth around £300.  Now this laptop isn’t as good as the other one, but it will certainly do the job well enough without any trouble.  The dongle contract is a little different and you might prefer it if you want to discourage someone from doing so much downloading.  The one i reviewed a couple of days ago was a 5GB allowance (which i would struggle to use) and this one with the Dell is a 1GB allowance.  Now the speed and length of contract is just the same as the more expensive dongle free laptop deal, it’s only the download allowance really that makes all the difference.  So you can have this cheaper deal for £17.50 a month on a 2 year contract; Not bad eh?

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