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My Daughter’s Dongle

November 9th, 2009

So you want to surf the internet but you don’t want a contract, and you don’t want to stay at home.  Of course that’s what you want.  It’s what i wanted.  And what i discovered was that, just like mobile phones, i could get an internet dongle to help me acheive that.  Pay as you go dongles are the way forward for many people, especially those on a lower than average budget, or those who are watching what they spend. There are many advantages to using a pay as you go dongle and in this post we explore the different dongle options that are available for people looking to but a new internet dongle on a pay as you go plan.

It was my daughter who got me into this internet dongle business.  I’m a little bit of a technophobe to tell the truth, and a while ago i wouldn’t have been able to tell you the difference between a dingle, a dangle or a dongle, never mind something like a wifi dongle.  You can find out all about dongles on this site if you want as the sole focus of this website is internet dongles and how to compare them and get the best deal when you buy a new dongle wither on pay as you go or on a monthly plan.

My daughter wanted the internet and i wouldn’t let her have it for ages at home.  Then she told me about dongles and how she wouldn’t necessarily have to bother me too much, or indeed interfere with my own internet connection, so i agreed to get her a dongle.  Now she has a pay as you go dongle that she can managed whenever she wants to go online herself.  Now she’s usually online when she’s not in the house anyway, so a dongle is the perfect choice for her.  I would imagine that she’s usually sitting on her backside in a coffee shop with her laptop and her internet dongle, sitting over the same cup of hot chocolate for three hours, no doubt really upsetting the manager!

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