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O2 Internet Laptop Dongle Deal

March 18th, 2010

O2 have well and truly joined the race to provide a good dongle deal to the public, and it has to be said that they’re not doing a bad job of it so far.  For £25 a month you can get a pretty reasonable mobile internet dongle deal with a free laptop computer…

This £25 deal is subject to a two year contract, but this is no different than nearly every other mobile broadband provider these days anyway.  O2 compete well with the other big mobile providers like 3 Mobile and Vodafone when it comes to their free laptop dongle deals, and their 24 month contract comes at a cool £25 per month.

For this price you get speeds of up to 3.6 Mb, which isn’t as good as the top of the range free laptop dongle deal from 3 Mobile, but it all depends on where you are in the world as to whether or not you can get the maximum speeds anyway.  3.6Mb should be enough for most people, and certainly enough for what you need to do when you’re out and about on your laptop.  The next feature O2 offer is 3 GB download limit, which again doesn’t beat 3 Mobile but it’s more than enough, and if you consider that 3 Mobile are charging an extra £10 a month for the top of the range dongle deal then you’ll be pleased to take on the O2 deal.

The free laptop from O2 is an Asus 1005H, and this is a pretty good laptop by anyone’s standards.  This laptop is capable of doing all the things you do at home on your desktop so you don’t need anything else really.

And to top it off O2 are also offering you 300 free texts when you sign up on the dotted line!

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