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Orange can’t compete with Vodafone for the student dongles

There are many deals for students out there and many people consider the cheapest to be the best.  Well in the case of Vodafone this seems to be pretty true, they offer a damn fine dongle deal for around £3.00 a month.  In fact the other dongle deals around that target the student market only serve to make Vodafone look even better…

Take a look at Orange for example.  I can only assume that Orange brought out this deal before Vodafone simply because to bring it out as competition to Vodafones great student deal seems absolutely futile and indeed stupid!

Orange are offering the following deal to students (well anyone really, but it’s clear to see who has been targeted):

  • Dongle Costs 3.99.  This is good compared with Vodafones £19.99, but you’ll see why this initial cost is cheap very soon.
  • Monthly dongle charge is £5.00.  This is £2.00 more expensive than Vodafone.
  • Usage limit of 500Mb.  This is pathetic compared with Vodafone who offer a massive 3GB!
  • Speeds of up to 7.2Mb.  This is the same as Vodafone.
  • Minimum contract of 18 months.  It’s easy to see why Orange want to get the students on the 18 month contract here, but considering you can get a dongle that has a larger usage allowance, is cheaper monthly and allows you to have a minimum of a one month contract then why would you sign up to Orange?

Come on Orange, you can do much better than that can’t you?

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